ЛИПО-ХАРТ ЕООД Костинброд – завод за производство на опаковки "

Завод за производство на опаковки от велпапе, велпапе и микро велпапе.

LIPO-HART Ltd. Kostinbrod is an owner of a plant for production of packing from corrugated cardboard, corrugated pasteboard and micro corrugated pasteboard. Our company made its initial steps in 1998.
It is recognized as one of the best companies for paper packing since its foundation. The management of the company is aiming at diversification of the nomenclature of the offered wrapping, which gives the possibility to expand the market not only for the food industry products but also for the light industry. as
-for storage, transport, consumption, presents and others. -We are producing boxes, cardboard boxes, cassettes, pads and others. The company has a printing base for two-colour flex printing. The packing from the company has an increasing number of applications on the market. Our clients are leading companies from Bulgaria as well as foreign companies invested in Bulgaria. Some of them are Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, Olinesa Ltd., D-Tex Ltd. and a lot more others.
image25 For a period of half an year, the capacity of the company production has increased and reached to the amount of 150500 t. corrugated pasteboard. We are recommending our wrappings from corrugated pasteboard because they can ensure a reliable protection during carrying, transport and storing of the production when it’s kept on stock.
We are covering the requirements for the internationally acknowledged standards – ISO 9001:2000. Reference number C0 QMS 133 15. 01. 2008.

Recognition for our success is not only the great market part which we have earned but also the success of our clients.

about OUR CLIENTS Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, Ltd. Olinesa, Heineken Zagorka, Brewery and many others. others.
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For us it would be honour to be partners with you!